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A real life farmer's daughter

A Real Life Farmer's Daughter Kaytee Carter came 's way through a reader who recommended she try modeling. They sent her snaps and in a snap, she was invited. Most of the time, this attempt fails. The average girl, no matter how horny and stacked she is, doesn't want to get nude for magazines and websites. Kaytee is not average. On Kaytee Carter's first day at , the studio manager called the editors in and told them that the model today actually worked in a job that we wrote about. A massage therapist. When we met 5'8 Kaytee, over six feet in heels, our jaws dropped. Kaytee had never heard of . I knew there were magazines out there, said Kaytee. I didn't know they went to one category or anatomy part. But after seeing several issues of and Voluptuous, she learned that there are people who worship boobs like other people worship football or soccer. The reader who recommended Kaytee try modeling with us is proof yet again that our readers and members are just as good, maybe even better, than a professional models' agent. We owe Kaytee's motivated friend a debt among boob-hounds that can never be repaid in full. Kaytee had never modeled before. Never posed nude for a boyfriend's camera. Never stripped. Never danced. Never been to a nudist colony or topless beach. Absolutely nothing in her background that would propel her towards nude modeling. Why did she want to try it It's something completely different and out of my realm, and that's what I like to do, Kaytee explained. Try different things, do things that are completely out of my box. I get a thrill out of trying new things. And I feel very comfortable here. See More of Kaytee Carter at .COM!


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