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The post-graduate study of daria

The Post-graduate Study of Daria At for post-graduate studies of the female body, body award winner Daria is the graduate and we're the students. We asked Daria a few probing questions because it's a tradition here to get to know a girl who's sharing her gifts. : Do people ask if you are a model Daria: It's heavy to guess that I'm a model in regular life. People have an idea in their minds of a model that fits a certain way from TV and magazines. Very thin and tall with long legs. A look like that. : Do you sleep wearing a bra Daria: Of course not! I like freedom. : Do you wear skimpy bikinis when you go on vacation Daria: I'm going to try this year on holidays. I just bought one. : Send us some selfies when you do.See More of Daria at .COM!


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