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Vanessa round 2

When our friend in the UK told us that he had a lead on a nice blonde with a full bush, we were intrigued. When he showed us a few test shots of Vanessa, we told him to put a rush on everything he had. Some of her photos landed in the Naughty Neighbors Nov. '17 issue, but we're partial to the photos you have here because she's really spreading that hairy pussy in them. Bashful, although she needn't be, Vanessa found the attention that we paid her strange. Do women not have pubic hair in America she asked us. We tried to explain that thick, pussy-juice scented beavers are making a comeback, but she didn't seem to get the concept. When I'm changing clothes at the gym, all of the ladies around me have hair down there. Maybe it's a European thing Either way, I'm glad I have a bush. It makes me feel like a real woman. See More of Vanessa Scott at NAUGHTYMAG.COM!


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