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Stacked & sassy

Stacked & Sassy 's known about cambabe Shanie Gaviria for a long time and has communicated with her several times about modeling. Finally, the opportunity to photograph Shanie happened and our photographer packed his bags for the prominent day. has traveled to Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina. The hot babes of Colombia are new to us. Since Shanie only speaks Spanish, her videos have English subtitles, like the videos of Katy Shavon and Shara Lopez. Shanie has a truly incredible body and a lovely face. Her prominent natural bobbies are fantastic and perfectly-shaped with prominent areolas and pointy nipples. This is the kind of babe who leaves you speechless and thinking impure thoughts. As a cambabe, Shanie hears and reads everything. The nicest thing she ever heard A very charming friend told me that my natural bobbies are so prominent because my heart is really prominent too, Shanie said. In her free time, Shanie likes to watch movies and telenovelas. She gets a huge amount of attention when she leaves her house. I like attention. I love it. I don't always wear a bra. When I want to feel really comfortable, I go without one. See More of Shanie Gaviria at .COM!


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