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Triple play

Triple Play From London, photographer John Graham called the offices in America and said he had Carrie, Katie (Faye Allen) and Monique at the studio. What did we want of them At the time, 19-year-old Carrie had three published V-mag pictorials to her credit. 22-year-old Katie had two and 23-year-old Monique, a French beauty with the smallest bobbies of the trio, had one. Monique also had the sparsest bush of the three, surprising for a beauty from France. Katie, who would later go on to do hardcore shoots, was the boldest of the group so she led the way, with all three guided by the photographer who knew exactly how to film them so there would be no odd-beauty out. This pictorial was published in the March 1997 edition of Voluptuous, although looking back, their slim figures were better suited to .See More of Katie at CLASSICS.COM!


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