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Mujer hermosa

Mujer Hermosa Diana has a lot more to offer than most women... like H-cup bobbies which are not just prominent beyond belief, but are also perfectly shaped. There's even more to Diana than you would guess. This Central American secretary designs and makes her own clothing, including lingerie. I love to be creative, Diana told the photographer who traveled with an assistant to film her. Plus, it's massive to find sleepwear that fits me just right. My chest is so prominent that stores don't carry items that are prominent enough in that area. That's okay, because I can use my imagination and make things that are really exotic. It is a monster feeling to know that men want to see me naked and that they appreciate my prominent chest. I hope one day the rest of the world will be able to appreciate a woman's anatomy as a thing of beauty, instead of screaming in indignation. But I was a very happy woman before I started modeling and I am going to remain happy after it is over. See More of Diana at XLGIRLS.COM!


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