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She'll shiver your timbers!

She'll Shiver Your Timbers! Seeing Christy in this pirate's outfit made us say, Arrrrrrrrrrrrr! and really put the wind in our, um, sails. Nothing like a giant tits wench in boots and a top that shows you an ample amount of cleavage where any man would want to bury his treasure! This set was shot in the Bahamas and when the locals saw Christy in this outfit, they excitedly told us that she should shoot near an old willie by the beach. At first we thought that they said they wanted to shoot off their willies on the beach, and we gave them the thumbs up and said, Yeah, she makes us want to jack, too. Thank pleasantness we finally realized our mistake. But you can imagine being in the hot sun in long sleeves and tall leather boots took it's toll on Christy. So she did what she does best and got naked and wet. No, seriously, she got wet...literally. She jumped in the water and played with her OWN heavy willies for us. We think that any shoot where this pirate ends up wet and naked is a pleasant one. See More of Christy Marks at CHRISTYMARKS.COM!


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