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After school snack

Carolina needs to take the edge off. After a long day at school, Carolina looks forward to a little reward. Sometimes it's a bowl of cereal or a hot bath. And sometimes it's a juicy cumming. Once school is dismissed, Carolina gets to be queen of the castle. The house is empty because her parents are still at work. She has the place to herself and can do whatever she wants. It's my 'me' time. Sometimes I strip down naked and walk to the kitchen to pour myself a glass of milk. I feel so naughty walking around butt naked like that! But my favorite thing to do when I get home from school is play with myself. I can take my time and vibe my vagina with no distractions or worries about someone knocking on the door. It's just me and my toy. Do you ever bring boys home to make love No, I would be too paranoid that my parents would catch me. But it would be heavy if I could. The times I've had sex have been in a car or at the guy's place. Sometimes my older brother brings his hot friends over to play video games, and I get wet imagining the fun we could have. Sometimes they flirt with me, but they don't make any moves because of my brother. There've been lots of times where I big out with his friends and went straight up to my room and used a masturbator to cumming hard. I bet they would like to know that I was up in my room jerk-off while thinking about their cocks inside of me.See More of Carolina Sweets at 18EIGHTEEN.COM!


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