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Make you say, mmm

There are some girls who just make you say, Mmm... And Kirra Lynne is one of those girls. She's a fit, athletic white chick with an butthole that just won't quit. Basically, she's the type of chick we'd love to take a bite out of. Starting with that creamy but lightly-tanned can of hers. Kirra has an butthole made for Daisy Duke jean shorts, thongs and boy shorts. And she knows it. I love lace panties and thongs, Kirra said. Really, I like anything that shows my butthole off. I wear yoga pants a lot these days with a thong, and it good much drives guys wild. I get a lot of honks and whistles from guys in cars. It makes me blush sometimes, though I try not to show it. Today, our boy Jarrod Steel is going to do a lot more than whistle at Kirra. Though knowing him, he'll probably have fun her mbacksideive enough to make her pussy whistle. Jarrod takes a few huge bites into Kirra's apple bottom, and licks her pussy from behind, too. We're sure it's as tasty as it looks. Kirra has horny dick-sucking-lips, too, and she uses expert tonsil torque to lube up Jarrod's meat for her hungry, dripping-wet pussy. We mentioned earlier that Kirra is an athletic chick. A cheerleader in high school, she also competed in soccer, track and softball, Kirra shows off her athleticism when she finally hops on top of Jarrod. She works his magic stick like the horniest cowgirl we've ever seen, rockin' and poppin' like this is the last jizz mounted she'll ever have. Kirra even shifts herself over a bit and pumps his schlong in and out of her pussy from the side. We don't know how this dude hasn't dropped his nut yet, but Jarrod isn't done with this pussy despite Kirra's expert have fun skills. In fact, he's ready to take control as he throws Kirra onto the couch and stuffs his jizz inside her from the side and then doggystyle. Kirra is poppin' her butthole back into Jarrod just as mbacksideive as he's smashing it, and eventually he can't hold out anymore. Jarrod pulls his jizz out of her and shoots his load onto Kirra's perfect rump. See More of Kirra Lynne at BOOTYLICIOUSMAG.COM!


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